Design, Art and Movement

I’m a Product Designer who is following his passion to create art, tell stories and inspire people on the way. Teacher for the fundamentals of movement.

On a journey of reconnecting with nature, body and mind.


  • Los Amigos del Hannecito

    Los Amigos del Hannecito

    Illustration / Coloring Book A little coloring-book for my little friend. ↑ Photo by Eda Temucin. I thought it would be the perfect gift. Handcrafted wooden Alebrijes from Alebrijes Blas Oaxaca, Mexico. One already colored, the other still wooden. The former as a reference and inspiration. The latter an open canvas to express creativity. In…

  • Manfredo Stiletti

    Manfredo Stiletti

    Graphic Design / Branding Brand Design for an Espresso Bar. In Cooperation with a good friend. Old but gold.

  • Sketch Demo

    Sketch Demo

    Design Sketching / Drawing Class I hosted a Design Sketching Class about sketching digitally for Industrial Designers. This render demo was done during the class . The Braun Silencio 1100 designed by Robert Oberheim in 1988 is as old as I am. But both of us still feel fresh. And below another quick sketch done…

Visual Diary

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