Los Amigos del Hannecito

Illustration / Coloring Book

A little coloring-book for my little friend.

↑ Photo by Eda Temucin.

I thought it would be the perfect gift. Handcrafted wooden Alebrijes from Alebrijes Blas Oaxaca, Mexico. One already colored, the other still wooden. The former as a reference and inspiration. The latter an open canvas to express creativity.

In order to find the right color scheme, I illustrated a little coloring-book. There many whimsical animals and creatures are accompanied by a coyote and the little magical dog from coco.

The idea was clear & the perfect design process already established:

  1. Freely color all the animals to train hand-eye-coordination & get a feel for color
  2. Copy the coyote colors into the book, to understand the patterns of alebrijes
  3. Come up with an own unique color-scheme for the dog
  4. Paint the wooden dog with acrylics

Turns out this sophisticated process is too much structure for a 2-year old.
So we skipped the plan and enjoyed the process instead.

Sometimes a good intention is the best gift.